& Calm

Reboot your brain and reprogram your

subconscious mind to be at ease now and always.


& Calm

Reboot your brain and reprogram your

subconscious mind to be at ease now and always.

It’s time to leave the grind and the push and struggle way of living and settle in to a new way of being.

The key to being Carefree & Calm is to root your day in rituals that serve you…

Your Energy

Your Mood

Your Focus

And your ability to stay calm during crisis and change.

Cultivating CALM requires tools to prevent stress or anxiety and give you a grounded foundation


tools to drawn on in the midst of the storm.

Carefree & Calm gives you both.

This is your menu you of 60 bite-sized practices that rewire your brain for peace in any circumstance.

These rituals support you in accessing your inner resources of STRENTH and EMOTIONAL CAPACITY.

When you’re in the daily grind, it can be hard to see past the obligations, have-to’s and shoulds.

PUSHING so hard all the time leaves you without any
reserve to draw on when crises or unplanned change come into the picture.

And self-care and soul care?

Forget about it!

Those luxuries are placed on the back burner in the box

of “I’ll do that just as soon ______________happens”

And that time never comes.

I get it because when I was in corporate leadership, I didn’t have a clue how to fit ME into my calendar or my life.

I kept going and going until I hit a wall where I had no stress tolerance to speak of.
PUSHED to the brink, I walked away from everything-quit my job, cashed in a 401 K to live on and ended a 13-year relationship hoping these things were what was stressing me out.

But that wasn’t the answer.

Here’s the Secret to Keeping Calm In Times of High


Calm is An Inside Job. You might be thinking:

- I’m too busy.

- This isn’t a good time to start something.

I’ll wait until things calm down.

When this is over, I’ll have time for me.

Push Pause. Check in. Hear Me.

If you’re thinking anything like this, I understand, but you’ve got it backwards.

Now is EXACTLY the time to PATTERN INTERRUP how you react to stress, crisis or change and rewire your brain for calm.

Because here’s how it works…

You create your own CALM first and then the world around you calms down.

You take care of yourself FIRST and then you can handle the stress.

You lock in self-care and soul care practices FIRST and then you can get more done.

You create habits for peace, calm and clarity and you chaos proof your life.

So this is your invitation to

Carefree & Calm

Reboot your brain and reprogram your subconscious mind to be at ease now and always.

What You Will Experience:

You’ll receive a library of 60 bite-sized training to teach your mind to keep calm and grounded so you can reclaim your peace and your time as you create boundaries that help you feel more relaxed.

You’ll learn how to work with your own brain and subconscious mind to rewire your nervous system for calm.

You’ll gain access to a tribe-other kindred spirits just like you who are dedicated to staying grounded and not losing themselves as they navigate stressful situation, crisis and change in their lives.

I’ll be there in the private group forum to support you through the rough spots and help make sure you integrate these lessons into your daily life.

What's Included:

60 bite-sized trainings that you can download and repeat until your rituals become habits

Private Facebook group where you can ask questions, blow off steam and receive support with the real deal challenges you’re facing

Self-Scoring Brain Chemistry Assessment to learn if your stress management is weakened due to neurotransmitter depletion and BONUS training Feeding Your Brain for Health, Happiness & Success Masterclass

• Aligning Your Vibration with Your Desires Energy Guide

Step by step, through repetition and practice you will learn STAY CALM and navigate change, crises and stressful situations.

Then you’ll ready for EVERYTHING.



Leah Lund is the Creator of One Whole Health™

and the Spiritual Wealth Creation Method™ and

an award winning Author, Speaker, Host of

the #IAmVibrant podcast and Associate Producer of Awakening Giants Season #1. Her
B.E.S.T. Burnout Breakthrough Solution™
helps entrepreneurs, coaches, business pros,

healers and visionary leaders sustain your energy

and focus and build greater capacity so you can hold the

space for your movement, mission or business without sacrificing your health, personal passions or spiritual connection. Leah helps you form inner alignment to create greater outer success.

Words From The Vibrant


"I feel peace where there used to be turmoil. My sleep, cravings and self criticism have calmed down and I have a deeper sense of knowing and loving myself."

Kim, UT

~ Mother, Accountant & Powerful Creator

Early memories and programming was brought to the surface and faced and felt and healed.

Bethany, OR

~ Mother, Grandmother Children’s Dance Instructor/Author & Powerful Creator

I've lost 20 lbs so far. I haven't been in the 100's since before my third child was born. I didn't think I could even lose weight anymore. My mind is more clear, it’s like a fog has lifted with my thoughts. My body doesn't ache like it did before and I have more energy. I have more capacity, I’m not feeling overwhelmed and I can do so much more in a day and be happy about doing it, not overwhelmed. It seems easier to train my brain.

Holly, NC

~ Mother, Homemaker & Powerful Creator

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