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Align Your Vibration With Your Desires Coaching Session for You or Your Business

In your Align Your Vibration Coaching Session, we’ll laser in on your #1 priority and uncover what is getting in the way or blocking it from your current reality.

I’ll help you uncover areas of your life where you are out of alignment with what you desire.

Based on my practical magic blend of tools including Breathwork, Brain Coaching, Neuro Nutrient Therapy, Frequency Therapy, Spiritual Expansion Techniques, Laughter Yoga™, Hypnotherapy, New German Medicine, Ancestral Healing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Holistic Health Coaching, Neuro Science and Energy Psychology, We’ll map out a unique plan for your realignment and results.

You’ll also learn a listening process to tune into Higher Power guidance so you can confidently move forward.

Your 90 min session includes:

  • Pre -Session Reflection & Intention Setting

  • Align Your Vibration Session

  • 7 Days of Frequency Transmission

  • 10 Day Messaging Support

For the Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Healers: Just like you, your business/practice has a vibration that can be out of alignment with your goals. In the Align Your Vibration Coaching Session you choose the topic and the topic can be your business or professional success.

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