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Quantum Wellness Session

In your Quantum Wellness Session, we’ll use a quantum sensor frequency device (Healy) to analyze your bioenergetic field and/or aura and then send you harmonizing frequencies to bring you back into balance. Blended with German New Medicine and Trauma Release processes, you’ll release stuck emotional energy imprints that have been holding you back. This is a bypass of the mind to release energetic blocks and align with your goals on a frequency level. You’ll also learn a listening process to tune into Higher Power guidance so you can confidently move forward.

Your 90 min session includes:

  • Consultation on focus of session

  • Frequency Analysis + Summary Report

  • Frequency Session

  • Frequencies will be sent to you 3 x a week for 21 days

  • Recommended Daily Rituals to sustain your vibration

Popular Session topics are: Trauma Release, Stress Recovery, Anxiety/Mental Wellness, Calmness & Relation, Sleep, Focus & Attention, Chakra Balancing, Digital Nutrition, Psyche.

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