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Sovereign Soul

30 Days of Divine Energy Attunement + Spiritual Immunity ™

Transform Your Life with Breathwork, Chanting, Frequency Therapy & Sacred Rituals

How It Works:

You'll receive Day 1 immediately and we’ll practice tuning our frequency

to the vibration of love and light. You’ll experience a new human energy-the energy of higher dimensions. You’ll align

with a new earth internally so you can realize it externally.

Daily Practice:

  • Each morning, you’ll receive an Audio Lesson (via email) comprised of a sacred practice for attunement. These lessons are channeled and created just for this experience.

    They are a delicious blend of Breathwork, Chanting, Frequency Therapy, Sacred Rituals and Natural Law.

    Each ritual can be done right in that moment or at your convenience during the day. The request is that you carve out a consistent time and place to practice 30 min per day.

Weekly Training:

  • You will receive 5 weekly trainings on uncovering and releasing emotional trauma imprints, subconscious resistance, scattered or divergent energy and energetic blocks and leaks.

  • You’ll learn to shift old paradigms, constructs, rules, regulations, stories, heart-aches and struggles and witness them break apart and fall away. You begin to TRUST that you are in the “right” place, the place you’ve freely elected to be and know in your soul that all situations are happening for your spiritual expansion.

  • Recordings are provided and I encourage you to be there live as I’ll run Chakra restoration frequencies during these 60 min sessions.

Telegram Interactive Sacred Community:

  • This private chat group is a sacred and safe container to connect with me and your Sovereign family to share openly as you embody each lesson to its fullest.

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