Manage Your Energy Beyond Your Time

Bring your vision to reality without struggle or burnout and create more freedom and fulfillment in your business and life

Is working harder or putting in more hours the only way you know to be more productive and accomplish what you want in your business and life?

Then it’s no wonder you sometimes feel burned out, overwhelmed and disappointed with yourself at the end of the day.
(and keep putting your self-care and personal priorities on the back burner) Operating the “old” way of over-extending, over-scheduling and overexerting can leave even the most ambitious visionary thinking “I can’t keep this up,” and wondering “Is this all there is?”

It’s TIME to stop believing the myth that if you push more and put in more time now, then SOME DAY you’ll get ahead, create your desired reality and maybe have a little time left over for yourself, your family, your health and your personal interests.

Join me now for this Vision Activation Workshop to learn the “new” way of planning, spending and using your time and it's actually not about time at all…

It’s about MANAGING YOUR ENERGY so you can stop procrastinating, sabotaging and draining yourself and start taking inspired action to create your new reality NOW. When you do, you’ll feel fulfilled, enthusiastic, on-purpose, balanced and accomplished.

This training has the power to drastically shift how accomplished, content and

fulfilled you feel at the end of the day and in your whole life!

It’s not about time, it’s about CAPACITY and now is the perfect time to learn to build yours.

Then Get Ready To:

  1. Plan your days and weeks in a way that energizes you and gives you the ability to stick to your plan so you can avoid procrastination and overwhelm, remove distractions, preserve boundaries and prioritize and stay focused on what matters most to you.

  1. Create time in your schedule for rituals that build Spiritual Immunity™ so you can protect yourself against negative energy, global disruption and internal fear that can zap your energy. You’ll increase your resiliency to handle turbulence, growth and uncertainty with greater ease.

  1. Allow time for daily rituals that help you be a generator of your own energy, so you move through your day at a high frequency state that helps you achieve your goals and dreams and attract wellness, abundance, miracles and possibilities.

  1. Work with your brain’s design to stop self-sabotage, maintain your healthy habits and regulate your nervous system to recover naturally from anxiety, panic, depression, overwhelm, poor sleep and that tired but wired feeling.

  1. Learn to shift your mental, emotional and physical energy as needed throughout the day to access a“2ndgear”and a sustainable feeling of ease and flow so you can LIVE your life instead feeling like the never ending to do list is living you.

What Happens in A Vision Activation Session?

This 90-minute workshop is part:

- somatic activation and re-engagement with your vision

- detox so you can receive what drains your energy

- training on The Inspirement Life ™ process, a proprietary planning system that allows you to manifest your biggest dreams and goals while supporting your health and happiness

- open space to “do” your visioning and planning for the month ahead

You’ll Gain Clarity on How To:

  • Plan based on what gives you energy

  • Stick to your plan without guilt, overwhelm or depleting yourself

  • Preserve your boundaries and healthy self-care habits

  • Make time for hearing Spirit’s guidance on a regular basis

  • LIVE your life instead of letting life becoming an endless to do list that lives YOU

Inclusions & Investment

Each workshop includes:

  • Live event with Somatic Activation

  • Event recording

  • Worksheets and exercises

It is also a perfect complement to The Inspirement Life Planner™, should you desire to own a copy. (*not required)

Through this sacred community and experience, you can move boldly forward, creating your deepest desires and most fulfilling life by aligning your vibration with a plan of tangible, focused steps that allows you to prioritize your dreams and desires and SELFORITIZE your self-care.

This is a unique container that helps you plan for the practical responsibilities in life, increase your capacity to be, do and have more in less time and bring the JOY back into your days and life.

"When I started working with Leah, it was the first time in my life I have stopped to

think about what I really want. In the past I was on auto-pilot or did things because of

social or personal "CONDITIONING." Now I am a much more present and heart

centered and emotionally connected. I have increased my awareness and am

beginning to slow down enough to feel my emotions. I'm much calmer and less

reactionary. I realize I have complete control over my life!"

Laurie Rebd

© 2023 One Whole Health, LLC | All Rights Reserved

© 2023 One Whole Health, LLC | All Rights Reserved